Greetings Early Action Researchers!
This course will provide you with an introduction to research methods in education, specifically Action Research. This first course will be the foundation and starting part for the completion of your Action Research paper that you will complete next term.
Through a variety of activities, readings, and reflections, you will select a research topic, identify a question/issue, analyze the situation and past research through a comprehensive literature review, develop a hypothesis, design a study, and discover ways to collect and interpret data, and communicate your findings.
IMPORTANT: Choose a research topic that is relevant and has specific interest to you.

Our Early Action Researchers:

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Early Action Researchers: Relections & Wiki Assignments: To avoid uploading the wrong file, please use your initials in the FILE NAME.
IMPORTANT: This is a timely issue and late assignments forfeit all points- See Course Calendar. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU ARE IN THE CORRECT SEMESTER (as the assignments vary) and your CURSOR is in an empty cell (quadrilateral).

Please select the following hyperlinks to post your three Reflections and eight Wiki Assignments:
Relection #1, Reflection #2,Reflection #3, and
Wiki #1, Wiki # 2, Wiki #3, Wiki #4, Wiki #5, Wiki # 6,Wiki #7, and Wiki #8.
Please utilize the hyperlinks below to post your Action Research Project (ARP) PowerPoint Presentations and ARP's to date.

Please select the following links: Midterm Action Research Project PowerPoint Presentation, Final Action Research Project PowerPoint Presentation including your Action Research Projects To Date

Looking forward to reading your research! Best regards, Dr.O